Best Friend Tattoos – Today’s Most Popular Ideas For Friendship Tattoos

Best Friend Tattoos are a great way to celebrate an important friendship that you want to last forever. Your best friend is someone that holds a special place in your life and for that reason the friendship calls for a special tattoo. Here you will find great ideas for the most popular best friend tattoos today.

If you have a best friend with whom you share a special bond there is no better way to express your feelings and show the world than with a tattoo you share in common.

A very important consideration for a best friend tattoo is to think about what may happen in the future, if for some reason the friendship ends. You do not want to be left with a tattoo that brings back memories that are unwanted. But that won’t happen…right. For this reason you may want to go for a design that would stand equally well on its own. Also, a tattoo of the best friends face, birthday, name or initials may not be the best idea.

Once you and your friend have agreed to get a tattoo together you will need to decide:

1. Do you want a want a matching tattoo?
2. Do you want a symbol that represents something significant with your friendship?
3. Do you want a tattoo that is split in half-where each person wears one half of the whole tattoo? This type of tattoo makes the statement that together you are one and complete each other.

There are lots of places to get ideas for best friend tattoos. Meeting with different tattoo artists can be helpful. They can help you brainstorm and come up with creative designs. Another idea is to join a tattoo forum where you can share ideas and pictures with others just like yourself that have or are looking for this type of tattoo.

There are countless numbers of tattoos that will work for best friends. Here are some popular ideas for you to consider:

Celtic knot tattoo-symbolizing eternity with all the lines weaving together in an intricate endless loop, this is very popular for friends. This is also considered to represent the union of two souls.

Single yellow rose tattoo-the yellow rose is a symbol for friendship.

Yin and yang tattoos-these tattoos have their roots as Chinese symbols but now have become a universal symbol for complimentary opposites.

Peace symbols-for the peace loving personalities, this symbol had its origin in the 1960’s during the hippie movement and are very popular.

Chinese and Japanese language characters that stand for friendship are one of the top choices today for best friends.

One half of a song lyric or quote you both enjoy-each person wears the other half so together they are one.

Stick friends holding hands.

Devil and an angel tattoos-representing your opposite sides, yet at times, complimentary personalities.

Star tattoos are extremely popular today between friends. You can do so much with stars in terms of colors, sizes and points. A creative idea is to for each person to have a trail of shooting stars-one trailing to the left and the other to the right.

Zodiac signs are popular-you might want to consider wearing your own zodiac sign just in case the friendship ever breaks up.

The infinity symbol-consider using the infinity symbol alone or as the center of a tattoo with more design around it. Anything with the infinity symbol will be a representation of something that lasts for ever.

A Claddagh tattoo-This is the Irish symbol for love and friendship and makes a very popular tattoo for best friends. It is depicted as two hands holding a heart with a crown on top. It has a very powerful meaning: “with my two hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my love.”

Meet Singles With These Great Singles Dating Ideas For Friendship, Romance Or Relationships

The main idea of a dating is to have a great time. So…are your dates starting to feels like an old hat? Then you definitely need some great singles dating ideas!

If that old routine of dinner & movie dates starting to be an obligation instead of fun then you need to do something different. The best part is that being different doesn’t correlate to being expensive.

So here are some great dating ideas:

1) Go bowling, roller blading, miniature golf, amusement parks, or free music concerts…

2) Go hiking at the local parks, ride your bikes, snow skiing trip, water skiing, or jogging together…

3) Go to museums, see the animals at the zoo, take the candy factory tour, or take a walk around the public gardens when the flowers and trees are blooming…

4) Have a small party at your place and invite your close friends…

5) Can plan on…short day trips in nearby cities, shopping together at the mall, picnic at a nice clean park, go to a sporting event (doesn’t have to be major league sports. The best games I have been to are the minor league games.)

6) One great singles dating idea is to seek the highest point in your city, go up the elevator and gaze at the city. (Great tip guys, if you want to make her laugh, tell her “One day, this will all be yours…).

7) How about learning how to give a great massage and surprise your date? Learn how to make a good dinner (but first make sure you know what kinds of food the other person doesn’t like, like…duh!).

To tell you the truth, being creative and not spending a lot of money does several things. It makes the whole dating game fun and more specifically, makes you more fun to be with. It takes money out of the equation. It no longer becomes an obligation to the woman that she has to put out because you spent all this money. Or it intrigues the man and he will wonder what else do you have up your sleeves?

One of the cheapest and most fun dates I have ever had was when I had to wash my comforter at a laundry mat. The girl I was with accused me of being a ‘cheap date.’ We were just cracking up and laughing the whole time. We got a frosty cone from next door and watched the comforter go round and round in the dryer. Best date I ever had for less than ten dollars!

I am sure you can come up with something but the real deal is that the date must be interesting and different.

The last great singles dating idea is listening…really listening. I am being absolutely serious here. When you realize that most people want what they get the least of. And what most people want is appreciation. When you are an extraordinarily good listener to someone craving for recognition, the world becomes your oyster. The other person will be so captivated by your nonverbal flattery.

Don’t believe me? Next time, try focusing on just listening what your date is talking about. Ask questions to expand what he/she is talking about. Make eye contact. Nod. Don’t cross your arms, use an open posture. It says to the other person, “Tell me more!”

You will be surprised…

Have some fun.