Friendship Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Nothing is more special for a couple of friends than to have a symbol of their relationship displayed in a friendship tattoo. Friendship tattoos show the world that special place in your heart that your friend holds. A friendship tattoo is an excellent way of commemorating a special memory in a friendship or to celebrate a long lasting relationship among two people (or a group of people). There are many tattoo designs that can be used to always remember that special person(s) in your life. With friendship tattoos, you can choose to either have matching tattoos done or to select a design that will forever symbolize the important friendship in your life.

Friendship tattoos are often matching tattoos. It is a very good idea and highly recommended that both persons like the design of the tattoo. Selecting a matching friendship tattoo is one way to validate the special friendship you both share. The tattoo design can be anything. For example it can be a symbol of how you both met, your mutual favorite song or the thing you both enjoy doing the most. The options are limitless in the choices available for this special type of tattoo. Both friends should get together and decide what type of friendship tattoo they want to have tattooed. A symbol of character of some kind is a great idea, as it will be matching and still look good as a stand-alone tattoo.

Having your friends face or name tattooed on your body may not be the smartest idea you have ever had. What happens if the friendship ends down the road? Do you really want to be reminded of that failed friendship? You definitely want a tattoo that is self-explanatory and that doesn’t need a lengthy explanation. Symbols work really well as you can easily tell others what the symbol means without getting into details as to why you choose that particular design. Another great idea for a friendship tattoo is to choose a tattoo design and then split it in half, with each friend having just one side of the tattoo. This is a great idea, especially when you both get together and can join the tattoo as one.

Another excellent idea is to see a tattoo artist and have him design a special tattoo for the both of you that will express your deep friendship bond. Something that matches how you both feel towards each other, the song lyrics that make you think of one another or a scene from your favorite vacation spot together. Any of those things would make great ideas for a friendship tattoo.

There are a number of popular friendship tattoos that work really well in expressing deep relationships. The eternal friendship knot is a tattoo design with an infinity design and a diamond over the mid-ground. The Chinese symbol for friendship or the Irish symbol (The Claddagh) for love and friendship are excellent choices. The ying and yang symbols are also a nice touch. You may decide on the yellow rose tattoo, as that is the universal friendship symbol. Japanese and Chinese characters signifying love and friendship are also great ideas.