Mutual Friendship

This is personally my favorite type of friendship. The thing I like about this type of friendship is the fact that both parties are equally affected. Both parties either loose, gain or don’t loose or gain anything (be it positive or negative). Both parties either input something into the friendship or input nothing at all. There are three types of mutual friendships.

a) Positive mutual relationship
b) Negative mutual relationship
c) Passive mutual relationship


In this type of friendship, you and your partner have positive things to impact on each other in other to make themselves better than they were before they met. In his type of friendship, quality time is spent between the friends. Quality time in which they discuss about making their future better, encourage themselves, ideas they have on changing the world and any other self developing topic. If you are in this type of friendship, I’ll advice you to hold on to that friend.S/he is a rare gem that needs to be treasured. The sad thing about such friendship is that it is very rare. The good thing about this friendship is that you will know that your friend is a true friend and you can vouch for him o anything. Hold on, you and your friend will change the world.


Well, this is the worst type of friendship. in this friendship, the two friends are parasites on each other. They are detrimental to each other. The funny thing about this relationship is that deep down in their hearts, the two friends know that they are not helping each other but are scared of leaving the friendship. Well, most times they do not know what they are in to that’s why they are scared of leaving the friendship. Let me use an analogy to describe this relationship. There is this substance called sweetene (a fictitious substance-does not really exist). It is a sweet substance but unknown to everyone, it’s a poison. If I call ten people that like sugary stuff to drink it, they would gladly do so but the moment I tell them its poison, they will probably kill me before they die. This is the same as the NMR. It is a slow killing poison. You might be enjoying all the bad things you and your friend do together but it is surely detrimental to your life. Get out of it now!!!!!


I call this type of friendship a casual friendship. It is most common between children but for adults that participate in such relationship, it’s a waste of time. In this type of friendship, the two friends contribute nothing to making themselves either better or worse. This is a time wasting friendship. These types of friends just talk about anything. They ‘gist’ their time away. Most people that have mutual friends usually fall under such category (PMR). In fact, most best friends operate in this type of friendship. Unknown to them, they just while away time. The good thing about such friendship is that as the friends mature, they turn this friendship into a positive mutual friendship. Well, my advice for children that are in this friendship is that they should make sure they eventually become positive mutual friends but for adults, I want them to analyze the whole relationship and realize that they have three options; to change it, to leave it or to remain in it. I expect you will know the right thing to do.