Seven Deadly Sins Committed in Friendship

There are certain areas in all friendships that are marked as ‘no go areas’. These are places that stretch the friendship to a limit and result in its breakdown. A good friendship is a partnership that is built on loyalty, trust, love and dedication for both people concerned. Below are seven of the worst acts that can be committed in a friendship that could lead to the loss of these core values in the partnership.

1. Betrayal
Betrayal is at the top of the list of the most deadly sins because it takes away trust. When trust is lost in a friendship there is no reason to be a part of it. Betrayal should not be measured on its type or value. In other words betraying a friend on those things that we consider least important to us and the friendship does not defeat the fact that we have betrayed them. It should not happen at all for the friendship to remain intact. Most times the person that comes off worst in these circumstances is the culprit rather than the victim. The victim may appear to be hurt but it is the culprit that has to live with his actions.

2. Lies
Lies creep into friendship for all sorts of reasons. We lie to protect one another, ourselves or even to protect the friendship. The problem is lies never stay buried as the truth always has a way of coming out. In friendship we must rely upon trust and love to overcome the difficult moments. Lies also take away trust and make our word loses its value. Lies must be avoided for a friendship to retain trust and love.

3. Blackmail
There are different types of blackmail in friendship that are difficult to spot until they overcome us. The worst type is emotional blackmail because most times we think it is our right to exercise, as we are friends to the other person. Unfortunately putting this strain on any one is bound to take its toll on them and eventually make them want to avoid us. Friendship should be free willing and given with grace from both people. If we connive to get what we want because we think it is our right then we are likely to be avoided in the long run.

4. Bullying
Bullying can be a part of friendship that is rarely noticed. The fact is we all want to feel stronger and smarter than the next person. It is easy to do this with a friend especially one who isn’t aware of our wisdom. Putting pressure on others to do things because we can doesn’t make us smarter or stronger than them. Bullying can be subtle in many ways and we must do what is necessary to avoid this in our friendships.

5. Abuse
Being friends with someone does not mean that they do not have feelings or suffer when we take them for granted. The fact is familiarity breeds contempt and in that case we must watch out for the signs in our friendships. It is very easy to take friends for granted because they always seem to be there when we need them. The iterative point to be brought out in this is that because their support is always available to us it should be rewarded and not abused.

6. Theft
Theft is a subsidiary to betrayal. Friendship does not mean taking what is not ours without asking. The fact is because we are friends we are more likely to get a positive answer for what we desire as opposed to someone else. This builds respect and honor in the relationship and makes us sensitive to each other’s needs.

7. Mixing business with pleasure
It may look like the most favorable decision to make by going into business with a friend. Unfortunately it isn’t especially if both people are not aware of the boundaries between business and friendship. When things work out well then it is an excellent marriage, however when they don’t as all businesses have their good and bad times it can generally stretch the core values of the friendship. For one thing somebody is going to get hurt and feel that the other could have done more as a friend. Unfortunately these morals do not work in business because it has its own principles in order for it to succeed.

The important aspect to add to all of this is no one is perfect and we are all going to commit one of these sins in our friendships. What is important is we look to the positives and find it in our hearts to forgive one another and move on.