What Does a Problem in My Life Tell Me?

Dear Friends on the Roads of Personal Development,

Today I’m going to be talking about a “Problem in Life”.

A problem can be very personal, relational, work-based or can be a minor issue. Whatever that is, it has a message for us, meaning that it has something to say to us.

I don’t know anybody who has not come across a problem in his or her life. From a major problem such as a loss, to a minor one such as not being able to find where your new shirt is, a problem is a problem and it has a certain way of communicating things to us: Mostly about who we are at this moment, who we have been in the past and who we’d like to be in the future.

Usually, common responses to a problem are as follows:

  • Ignoring it at the time being
  • Rejecting what it is
  • Denying its true cause
  • Not receiving help regarding its true message or a meaning.

For all of us, there are times when we can not handle it anymore. We feel sick and tired of life’s constant problems. However, especially for the repeating problems, I wanted to remind you of a persistent pattern of thinking-feeling and behaving, and the same or similar thing happens over and over again.

About the problems that change style… Look at the similarities in timing, content, the person with whom it is related, and your reactions to it.

The key is in you. A problem is your key.

With love and awareness…

Duysal Askun Celik, PhD.