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3 Inexpensive Ways to Spice Up Your Basic Structured Handbag

They say that bags are a woman’s best friend. That’s why most of us have the tendency to buy so many of them! But as fun as it might be to go shopping for brand new handbags whenever you get the chance, there are things you can do to restyle a basic handbag to make it look completely new. Wondering how you can do it at home? Find out what you can do to restyle your handbags with these three easy methods.

1. Make the Most of a Silk Scarf – That colorful silk scarf that’s been gathering dust in your closet can do a lot for the way your bag looks. In fact, this simple trick produces such impressive results that even high end designer brands have been leveraging it as well. To try the style out for yourself, just take that old silk scarf and tie it around the handles of your bag. You can also try out different knots, braids, and wrapping techniques to achieve a different look with each use.

2.Restring an Old Chunky Necklace – If you’re like any other girl, you probably have one of those fun, chunky necklaces or bracelets stocked up in your closet. If you have one that’s fallen out of your regular accessory rotation, you can use it to restyle your bag. Simply take a bunch of those large colored beads and restring them to form a single, long line. Remember, it’s always better to work with bigger, chunkier beads. Just tie it around the handles on your handbag and dangle them like a keychain to add a touch of character to your basic bag.

3.Get Creative With Fashion Studs – The humble metallic stud is probably one of the biggest trends in women’s fashion these days. These small, inexpensive metallic bits are used to decorate everything from belts, to boots, and even the shoulders on tops. So because they are so popular, it has become tremendously easy to find them in different craft supply stores. To add some oomf to your bag’s look, just take some metal studs and place them around the rims of the bag’s opening. By changing up the way they’re placed on your bag, you can achieve a different look with each try.

That humble handbag in your closet presents a lot of potential to becoming a versatile fashion piece you can use for any occasion. So use these simple tricks to discover new ways you can enjoy that old and outdated handbag.

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